Annaliza Lagrutta

Annaliza LagruttaAnnaliza Lagrutta is an Adjunct Associate Professor at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California, USA. Lagrutta earned her BA in psychology from San Francisco State University and worked for six years with an international Landscape Architecture firm. During that time she had the opportunity to travel and learn how psychology impacts the decision of architectural designs in our environment.  She returned to her hometown of Stockton and attended National University to earn her MA in Counselling Psychology which has always been her passion. While in her master programme, she worked with developmental disabled adults in the community. For the past 16 years Lagrutta has been Mental Health Clinician providing services to adults who are mentally disabled on an outpatient basis with San Joaquin County Behavioural Health.

She is a passionate learner and appreciate the experiences of learning new things to enhance my understanding of my field. Lagrutta is a lifelong learner who appreciates all aspects of education. She believes a good education can transform lives and positively affect our community. Her goal as an educator is to support my students in making their own unique impact on society. She believes all her students can succeed in their dreams of the future.

Credits to San Joaquin Delta College

Published: 24 March 2014

Last update: 04 April 2015