Jaime Licauco

Jaime LicaucoJaime Licauco is a parapsychologist, author, and management practitioner in the Philippines. He is the founder and president of the Inner Mind Development Institute, a training centre for parapsychology, philosophy, psychic investigation, and metaphysics.

Licauco has worked for 25 years, in middle and upper business management levels in ten corporations, mostly in human resource, management training and development, and consultancy.

Also, he has taught English, Philosophy, Christian Ethics, and Sociology at San Beda College; parapsychology at De La Salle University-Manila; and Intuitive Decision Making, Creativity, Remote Viewing, and Telepathy at the Asian Institute of Management. He also speaks at local and international conferences, seminars, and workshops.

He established the Inner Mind Development Institute, a training school for metaphysics and parapsychology. He conducts seminars on Inner Mind Development, ESP, and Higher Awareness at the Institute and other venues for other organisations.

You may visit his website at jimmylicauco.com

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Published: 24 October 2014

Last update: 21  February 2015