Ian Mitchell

Ian MitchellIan Mitchell is currently a Principal Lecturer in the Cardiff School of Sport at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Mitchell obtained his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the United Kingdom in the areas of human movement studies and sport and exercise sciences before receiving his PhD in sport psychology. His PhD received the British Psychological Society (BPS: division of sport and exercise psychology) award for an outstanding thesis and he is an active researcher and reviewer for peer review journals in the respective discipline. He is an associate fellow and chartered psychologist with the BPS and HCPC registered. As a former International schoolboy captain and professional player, Mitchell’s applied work has mainly focused within the area of professional football and works with International squads. Over the past 12 years has delivered on both UEFA Advanced and Professional Licences in the areas of sport psychology, personal effectiveness, reflective practice and leadership. He regularly delivers at International conferences and currently leading a FIFA project into player perceptions of natural and artificial turf.

As an executive coach and mentor across a number of organisations, Mitchell has experience in performance psychology. Specifically, he focuses on proactive, person-centred approaches to management and development with coaches, athletes and support staff, enhances self-awareness and communication at an individual and group level, and offers insight into the potential use of social support networks when optimising performance.

Visit his website to find more about his insights into the psychology of performance. You can also follow him on Twitter @ianmitch9

Published: 20 March 2014

Last update: 09 April 2015


Gene Moyle

Gene MoyleGene Moyle is a sport and exercise psychologist at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Moyle currently holds the position of the Head of the Dance Department at QUT Creative Industries.  You can learn more about what she does from this video.

Moyle, a Brisbane-based psychologist and former professional dancer, is typical of a new breed of practitioner working seamlessly across several performance domains including sport, performing arts, and big business. Gene divides her time between delivering cognitive-behavioural safety programmes in farflung parts of the country for the mining and resource industry, acting as Psychology Coordinator for the Queensland Academy of Sport, home to many of the world’s premier athletes, teaching performance psychology to ballet and contemporary dancers, and supporting two of Australia’s Winter Olympic sports. She sees the common thread in these varied activities as “helping the individuals, groups and organisations concerned to work towards becoming the highest versions of themselves that they can be”.

Of the individuals to whom she provides support in the industrial world, Gene says “Whatever role they play, be it as manager or just an average guy, their challenge is to be the best they possibly can. This might involve organisational, cultural and personal change, managing processes better, and working towards outcome goals via process goals. There is always an element of competition, be it between different managers and sites for production targets, between the organisation that I work for and their main rivals, or simply within the individuals concerned to establish personal progress.”

Follow her on Twitter @genemoyle

Credits by Australian Psychological Society and Queensland University of Technology

Published: 09 March 2014

Last update: 23 April 2015