Jennifer Weston

Jennifer WestonJennifer Weston is a Health Psychologist and owner of Horizon Shine who qualified from Staffordshire University after completing an MSC in Health Psychology and BSc in Applied Psychology. She is a full member of the the British Psychological Society, the Division of Health Psychology and the BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology. She is currently the Memberships and Promotions Officer for the Midlands Health Psychology Network. Weston is trained in compassionate mind therapy and offers mindfulness techniques as part of her coaching strategy. Her areas of expertise lie in health behaviour change, coping with illness, relaxation and dealing with stress and anxiety. She has worked within a range of health settings – improving the lives of stroke surviviors and people affected by cancer including carers.

Weston has previously worked for the Cochrane Epilepsy Group where she has published an extensive number of Cochrane systematic reviews in the field of epilepsy. She has undertaken 1-1 training in coaching alongside her doctoral degree.

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Published: 11 November 2014

Last update: 09 April 2015