Tom Dickins

Tom DickinsTom Dickins is a Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at Middlesex University. From September 2003 until September 2012 Dickins worked at the University of East London. He then joined the Department of Psychology at Middlesex University.  He interprets evolutionary psychology in a broad sense.  To Dickins, it refers to the application of evolutionary biology to the behavioural sciences.  So he is interested in the theoretical detail of the application of evolutionary biology, the emergence of stable adapted and adaptive behavioural strategies and also the internal mechanisms that produce such behaviours.  However, most of his research activities focus upon theory and behavioural strategies (see his publications list).  You can see his inaugural lecture, in which he discusses these matters, here.

Dickins holds the following degrees:

He is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology and a founder member of the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association. He is also co-director of the Prosocial Place Programme.

Credits to Middlesex University and Cantab

Published: 13 May 2014

Last update: 23 April 2015