Lewis Bott

Lewis BottLewis Bott is a Senior Lecturer at School of Psychology at Cardiff University. Bott studies how we understand and process language. When we communicate, we do not hear sentences in isolation from what has gone on before in a discourse, nor in isolation from our knowledge of who the speaker is, what they know etc. Rather, the sentence is made in the context of a set of assumptions about what the speaker knows and what they might be trying to communicate. These assumptions allow us to make inferences about what the speaker meant but did not explicitly say. For example, if a letter of recommendation says only that a student was punctual for his classes, there can be an implication that the student’s academic performance was poor; or, saying, “not ALL of the cakes have been eaten,” implies that there are some cakes that are still available. His interest is in how people incorporate communicative assumptions into sentence representations to generate implications like these. Bott uses psycholinguistic techniques such as priming, mousetracking, eyetracking and speeded verification judgements to understand the processing of pragmatic phenomena.

He teaches Cognitive Psychology throughout the undergraduate degree programme (PS2015, PS2003 and the Final Year Project). He covers Language in the first semester of Level 2 and Information Processing in the third semester. Bott also offers final year projects on Language Comprehension, and Concepts and Categories.

His school duties involve being a part of the Admissions team and the International Student Officer.

His publications include:

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Published: 03 November 2014

Last update: 28 February 2015


Ian Mitchell

Ian MitchellIan Mitchell is currently a Principal Lecturer in the Cardiff School of Sport at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Mitchell obtained his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the United Kingdom in the areas of human movement studies and sport and exercise sciences before receiving his PhD in sport psychology. His PhD received the British Psychological Society (BPS: division of sport and exercise psychology) award for an outstanding thesis and he is an active researcher and reviewer for peer review journals in the respective discipline. He is an associate fellow and chartered psychologist with the BPS and HCPC registered. As a former International schoolboy captain and professional player, Mitchell’s applied work has mainly focused within the area of professional football and works with International squads. Over the past 12 years has delivered on both UEFA Advanced and Professional Licences in the areas of sport psychology, personal effectiveness, reflective practice and leadership. He regularly delivers at International conferences and currently leading a FIFA project into player perceptions of natural and artificial turf.

As an executive coach and mentor across a number of organisations, Mitchell has experience in performance psychology. Specifically, he focuses on proactive, person-centred approaches to management and development with coaches, athletes and support staff, enhances self-awareness and communication at an individual and group level, and offers insight into the potential use of social support networks when optimising performance.

Visit his website to find more about his insights into the psychology of performance. You can also follow him on Twitter @ianmitch9

Published: 20 March 2014

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Marcial Losada

Marcial LosadaMarcial Losada is the founder and executive director of Losada Line Consulting, an organisation that specialises in developing high performance teams. He currently consults with executives and their teams at several corporations in the US and around the world.

Formerly, as director of the Centre for Advanced Research (CFAR) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he conducted studies on the interaction dynamics and productivity of business teams that led him to implement a unique, scientifically based, approach to develop high performance teams. His pioneering work on applications of nonlinear dynamics to team interaction processes has been published in a number of prestigious scientific journals, and he has made several other contributions that have earned him worldwide recognition:

• He has given seminars and worked extensively to develop high performance teams with several corporations in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile.

• He has given numerous seminars and workshops on team dynamics and performance at several major corporations in the US including Apple, AT & T, Boeing, DTE Energy, EDS, GM, Merck, Kellogg Foundation, and Mellon Foundation.

• Losada was invited to present his work at University of Cambridge, Harvard Business School, Graduate Business School at University of Michigan, Sloan School of Management at MIT, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Stanford Research Institute, and Institute for the Future in Menlo Park, California.

• He presented his findings on applications of nonlinear dynamics to team interaction and productivity at the prestigious Director’s Colloquium in Los Alamos National Laboratory.

• He has briefed Vice-President Al Gore and the president of MIT, Dr Charles Vest, on the interaction dynamics of high performance teams.

• He is currently developing high performance teams at BCI, BHP-Billiton, and CODELCO.

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Published: 09 March 2014

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