LaRue Allen

LaRue AllenLaRue Allen is Raymond and Rosalee Weiss Professor of Applied Psychology and Chair of the Department of Applied Psychology in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University. She also directs the Child and Family Policy Centre which focuses on bringing social science knowledge to policymakers and practitioners concerned with children and their families. Her research interests include urban preschool, adolescent and emerging adult development; impact of social, cultural and ecological factors on human development; issues in cross-cultural and cross-national research methods and design, alignment of preschool assessment tools and civic engagement among adolescents and emerging adults. Allen was a visiting scholar at the Centre de Recherche de l’Education Spécialisée et de l’Adaptation Scolaire in Paris, France, where she conducts research on the role of parents and teachers in the development of civic attitudes and behaviours among youth.

She earned her AB from Radcliffe College, cum laude, in 1972. She finished both her MS and PhD from Yale University in 1977 and 1980, respectively.

Aside from English, she speak French and Spanish.

Her publicatins include:

  • Astuto, J., & Allen, L. (2009). Home Visitation and Young Children: An Approach Worth Investing In? Social Policy Report: Publication of the Society for Research in Child Development, 23(4).
  • Allen, L., Bat-Chava, Y., Aber, J.L. & Seidman, E. (2005). Adolescent Racial and Ethnic Identity in Context. In G. Downey, J. Eccles, & C. Chatman (Eds.), Navigating the future: Social Identity, Coping, and Life Tasks (pp.143-166). New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

You can find her CV here.

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Milagros Lagrosa

Milagros LagrosaMilagros Lagrosa is a professor at Asian Institute of Management. She was involved in its FAMCOR (family corporations) programme and its pioneering programme on Leading from Higher Ground: Cultivating a Spirited Workplace.

A creative educator and specialist in human development, leadership and group-centred learning methodologies, Lagrosa has dedicated nearly three decades of her professional life teaching learners at different developmental levels (secondary school to graduate school) in the subject areas of biological/physical sciences, theology, maths and psychology, particularly human resource development (HRD).

Lagrosa was a full-time faculty member of the Department of Psychology of the Ateneo de Manila University (1982-2001) where she also taught educational psychology and statistics at the University’s Department of Education. She handled group process for formators at EMMAUS, a centre for continuing education of religious men and women and church lay workers (1995-1996). She was a special Lecturer of biology and philosophy of man at the Dominican House of Studies (1978-1979). She was Supervising Teacher of biological science at the University of Santo Tomas.

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Nancy Budwig

Nancy BudwigNancy Budwig is a professor of psychology at Clark University. Budwig received a BA from Vassar College in 1979 and a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley in 1986. She has been at Clark University since that time and is also affiliated with the programme in Communication and Culture. Budwig joined the Academic Administration in 2002 and is currently serving the university as Associate Provost and Dean of Research.

Budwig’s research examines issues of the construction of knowledge and human development. Trained in the areas of human development and the inter-disciplinary study of language, thought, and culture, Budwig examines issues of the development of knowledge and the role that participation in communities of practice plays in the gradual construction of meaning systems. Her research on language acquisition aims to understand the protracted nature of the organisation and development of linguistic forms and the functions they serve in everyday interaction. Her work on language socialisation examines ways participation in language practices contributes to the construction of culturally relevant senses of personhood. Further information about ongoing projects can be found at her personal Web page.

Her publications include:

  • Guo, J., Lieven, E., Budwig, N., Ervin-Tripp, S., Ozcaliskan, S., & Nakamura, K. (Eds.). (2008). Cross-linguistic approaches to the psychology of language: Research in the tradition of Dan Isaac Slobin. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum/Taylor and Francis.
  • Müller, U., Carpendale, J., Budwig, N., & Sokol, B. (Eds.). (2007). Social knowledge and social life: Developmental perspectives. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum/Taylor and Francis.
  • Budwig, N., Narasimhan, B., & Srivastava, S. (2006). Interim solutions: The acquisition of early verb construction in Hindi. In E. V. Clark & B. Kelly (Eds.), The acquisition of constructions. Stanford, CA: CSLI Press.

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