John Kubie

John KubieJohn Kubie is a neuroscientist working at Downstate Medical Centre in Brooklyn, NY (departments of Cell Biology and Physiology/Pharmacology). His areas of concentration are hippocampus, navigation, learning and memory. Earlier work was on the olfactory systems in salamanders and snakes.

In the past few years he has been reading and writing more broadly on consciousness, morality, decision making and a few other brain/behaviour topics. (He says that it has been tough to tie these into the hippocampus, but he is working at it.)

Kubies tries to keep up on popular press coverage of neuroscience. He has great respect for a few science journalists, but mostly he’s concerned about press coverage and popular books in neuroscience. He’ll likely use his website to write brief reviews and reactions. You can follow him on Twitter @JohnKubie.

Published: 09 March 2014

Last update: 23 April 2015